Divorce Is A Gift From God

Bob Young
10 min readFeb 17, 2019

(This is the transcript of my podcast entitled, “Divorce Is A Gift From God,” published on September 1, 2013. If you’d rather read it than listen to it, this is for you. –Bob)

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Here’s the premise, in summary form:
1. The Law of Moses is a gift from God.
2. Divorce is allowed in the Law of Moses.
3. Divorce has never been a sin. Never.
4. Jesus taught that God’s highest and best is one man plus one woman, together, for life.
5. Jesus taught that God gave us the gift of divorce in the Law of Moses because people sometimes have hard hearts. Although a lifetime marriage is to be desired and sought after, God gave us a way of escape for the bad or unknowing choices we make, especially in our youth.
6. Jesus also taught that if divorce is taken lightly, it becomes the gateway to adultery. Adultery is sin, but not divorce is not.

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I should also add that, since divorce is allowed by God, be assured: when you’re divorced, you’re not married. That means it’s okay to re-marry. Read the Bible carefully, and you’ll see that you can’t prove the premise that “divorced people can’t remarry.” The Bible never, never says that. I know you’ve been told that repeatedly, but it’s not in the Bible. The Bible decries adultery, not divorce. Casual divorce, because you’re simply tired of your spouse and see someone new and attractive, is adultery in the heart, and Jesus says that’s sin. But when the marriage really isn’t working, and you get divorced, well, that’s God’s gift of divorce. People who don’t love each other shouldn’t live in a lifetime of pain and misery. God gave you a way out. At that point, you’re not married, and so you can remarry. That’s not adultery. Relax. This message will explain everything. You may have been asking for forgiveness when you haven’t even sinned. The church has laid a heavy burden on you that you shouldn’t even bear. Stop carrying it. Jesus set you free.

Now, here is the transcript…

Her son had just been suspended from high school. Her husband — the boy’s stepfather — was abusive. I was her pastor…

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