Mr. Murdoch,

I would like to purchase Fox News. How much will you sell it to me for?

FOX News Logo

You see, I understand that you’re in a precarious position right now. After Trump lost the US election, his political allies are all pivoting in order to save their careers. Your viewership…

For Black History Month this year, I’m going to tell some little-known stories of prejudice in America. They are little known, because they’re stories from my life. In some cases, there are only two people on the planet who know these stories — me, and the black person who experienced…

Several years ago, I would routinely describe myself as an Evangelical Christian. Evangelical Christians thought I was one of them, so we lived together in harmonious ignorance. But there was a problem.

The author in 1983 standing at the pulpit of the church he pastored
The author in 1983, at the pulpit of the church where he pastored

The problem was that I was reading the Bible from cover to cover every year. I lost count…

Today I had a thought about how “we don’t need computers.” It sounds absurd, but bear with me; I’m trying to introduce you to a new way of looking at computers and the information they process.

Server Rack (photo by Author)

When I was a boy and had a bike, I had to “maintain” it…

Bob Young

CISO, Director of Information Security, and Security Consultant. Also, I wrote some books that have nothing to do with IT.

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